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What I Do


Give form to your ideas with Illustration, Video-editing, Graphic Design, & Conceptual Art.


Design and manage your projects and campaigns, from Crowdfunding to Participatory Art Events.


Amplify and disseminate your message through Branding, Marketing, & Strategic Communications.


Engage and build audiences through Workshops, Public Speaking, and Community Organizing.



First, my name: Ilyse Magy. Ilyse is pronounced uh-LEES. Uppercase "I' and lowercase "L" look the same in sans serif. Magy is pronounced MAY-jee. That soft "G" is always ambiguous.

I'm a Midwestern West Coaster, hailing originally from Michigan and taking root in San Francisco: a friendly blend of wacky and practical.

I used my time in school to explore creative communications through art. I have a BFA in Sculpture and Writing from Washington University in St. Louis and an MFA in Social Practice from California College of the Arts. Social Practice art often engages its audience as participants or even subjects, which has been a great skillset for motivating people and organizing communities. I co-founded Revel Art Collective to engage residents of the San Francisco Bay Area in participatory projects and interventions. You can find my art portfolio at

My professional life has revolved around encouraging participation. I’ve worked in membership at two museums and as a political canvasser, where I learned that people ultimately want to feel cool and that pitiful pleas are kryptonite. I joined SF Transit Riders as their first staff member, where I wore all of the hats: project manager, creative director, fundraiser, administrator, as well as managing communications, membership, volunteers, and events. My passion there was fostering what I call “Transit Culture.” The first step to improving public transportation and broadening its reach is getting people to identify with it, feeling a sense of pride in their ridership.

My drive to connect people and causes has lead me to work on branding and communication needs for a diverse range of projects and clients. My current role is Creative Manager at Tides.

I self-start and implement a wide array of projects and happenings, alone or in collaboration. From organizing groups to media-making to creative interventions, I empower others to be engaged participants in healthy, vibrant communities.

I love to connect people to the systems they are a part of: civic, social, material, environmental, and even biological. Not everything fun is sustainable, but anything sustainable has to be fun.

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